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Interactive Clinics

Interactive Clinics help you manage your health and improve communication with your healthcare team


Medication Adherence

Your doctor may prescribed medications to help with your health problems. To ensure you are gaining the full therapeutic benefit of these medications and to avoid any unnecessary side effects, our App aims to support your medication adherence.

Pain Level

Pain can be debilitating and have a major impact on your quality of life. Our App will empower you and your healthcare team to better understand your pain levels daily, weekly and monthly. 

Physical Activity

Regular physically activity is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our App aims to encourage you to meet your daily exercise targets and become more active, and reduce sedentary behaviours.


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I would recommend Interactive Clinics to anyone that needs home health care. I am very satisfied with them. John Smith

Words cannot express our gratitude for Interactive Clinics service. My life has changed with this app.

Lizbeth Williams