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Health management can be complex. Interactive Clinics aims to reduce this complexity by carefully tracking your health day-by-day. Through our validated App (available on Apple Store and Google Play) we can help you manage different health requirements, such as: pain management, physical activities, medications adherence, blood glucose monitoring.

Interactive Clinics also aims to improve your overall wellbeing by allowing your healthcare team to remotely monitor your health from the comfort of your home, or while you participate in day-to-day activities. Remote monitoring allows you to gain timely health support and individualised care when you need it the most.

Interactive Clinics App will enable you to precisely record your pain level progression over time by simply using your finger of the touch-screen of your smart-phone or tablet. This App has been extensively validated compared to traditional paper versions tools.


The Interactive Clinics App itself will not share your pain level entry with third parties. Therefore, no one else will have access to your pain level data.




• Interactive Clinics App is also designed to potentially connect with a website called which may provide further meaningful information regarding your exercise level captured while using your iWatch


• If you may wish to share your ‘pain level’ and ‘physical activity information’ please contact your personal-trainer or allied health professional for more information. This functionality will only be enabled if you consent to link the App with the In order to link with, please ask your personal-trainer or allied health professional to provide you with the unique ‘6 digits codes’ that needs to be inserted in the ‘Link Module’ Tab of the App




• Pain Level has been usually recorded by filling the paper Visual Analogue Scale (pVAS) that consists of a 10cm straight line, where 0 represent NO pain and 10 equates to the ‘worst possible pain’. Traditionally, the user is simply asked to draw a dot with a pen on the paper line. The value obtained provides an overview of the person’s current pain level. The pVAS is a free tool used on a daily basis by health professionals. pVAS been extensively validated as an appropriate outcome measures for assessing pain with children, adolescents and adult. More information about the traditional paper VAS can be found here:


• Our team has developed a modern version of the pVAS, called: electronic Visual Analogue Scale (eVAS). The functionality of the Interactive Clinics App enables the user to capture the pain level directly using the eVAS. On the eVAS a horizontal line is displayed over a white background where the user can insert the level of pain: 0=no pain, 10= worst possible pain. Once the information has been entered, the user can press ‘continue’ and the App will automatically display a number (ranging from 0 to 10, for example 5.2)


• Our research team has successfully conducted a large cross-sectional study comparing the pVAS with the eVAS showing excellent reliability and repeatability compared to the traditional pVAS. In addition, our protocol has also been published and it is publicly available directly on




The Interactive Clinics app integrates with Health App and uses HealthKit API’s in order to get your physical activity data through your iWatch. It will show your progress in an easy way and will motivate you to achieve your goals.



  • The Interactive Clinics App itself does NOT provide or share any health information with any doctor or third parties. Only if the user consents to connect with the platform, it will be possible to share different health parameters with the chosen doctor or allied health professional (AHP). The user will need to acquire by the doctor or AHP a unique ‘6 digits code’ and simply insert it into the ‘Link Module’ App section. Please contact for more information.
  • The Interactive Clinics App itself will NOT provide any type of direct or indirect doctor consultation or any medical related health advice. Also, it does not provide any medical reports that can inform or misinform the users in any aspect of their health.