Medication Adherence

For patients


Managing medications can be difficult. Often people forget to take their medications, which may negatively impact on the person’s health and well-being. We can help.

Our App will send personalised notifications to your smartphone and/or smartwatch to prompt you to take your medications at the right time during the day. You can also record if the medication has been taken by simply tapping your smartphone. You can even provide further details, such as reasons for not adhering (ie medications are making you feel unwell or there was no need). 

This information will be automatically uploaded onto your account on Interactive This information can then be reviewed by your doctor and adjustments to the medications you have been prescribed can be made.

For  Health Care professionals

Our App will capture reliable information about your patient’s daily adherence to their prescribed medications, there therapeutic effectiveness and any possible side effects experienced.

Doctors and clinicians are now able to access a daily, weekly, monthly report and graphical insights into their  patient’s medication adherence, which is essential to inform effective clinical management and help identify reasons behind treatment-resistance. 

The use of our award-winning App may also impact on facilitating more timely clinical decisions and improve medication self-management with possible cost reductions for the health care system.