The newly Electronic Visual Analog Scale (eVAS) integrated on the Interactive Clinics app has proven to be highly reliable and consistent compared to the traditional paper version (pVAS).

After two years of research, the University of Manresa at the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC), successfully completed a large cross-sectional study that compared the pVAS with the new method eVAS. The research was carried out with a sample of 102 participants from 18 to 65 years of age Results demonstrated excellent reliability and repeatability compared to the traditional pVAS.

As evidence of the quality of this research trial, data were published in the top-ranking peer-review international journals in digital health – Journal Medical Internet Research (impact factor: 4.945). 


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Escalona-Marfil C, Coda A, Ruiz-Moreno J, Riu-Gispert LM, Gironès X. Validation of an Electronic Visual Analog Scale mHealth Tool for Acute Pain Assessment: Prospective Cross-Sectional Study

J Med Internet Res 2020;22(2):e13468. DOI: 10.2196/13468