Our Research Team has been collaborating with international researchers, clinicians and academics to develop an interactive COVID-19 health screening App and Telehealth service that is now accessible to patients, their family member/carer and health care providers at under specific FREE conditions to public institutions and Health Care centers.

Our Team has been donating their time, working tirelessly on a volunteer basis for weeks since the beginning of March, developing the health App and Telehealth modifications required. Therefore, our proposed approach has been promptly deployed within different Catalan hospitals in support of over 200 COVID19 patients that are positive and currently in confinement at home.

Our innovative multi-modal online platform enables COVID-19 health screening data to be collected daily by the patients, and results become accessible in real-time to their clinicians and their carer/ family members.

We are very grateful for the help and support received by Vodafone Spain, our major industry partner, as they helped us through this endeavour, by generously donating the SIM cards for those patients that do not have wifi at home and are not able to afford 4G connectivity. Further, thanks to a previously successful European Research Funded Program– CAREGIVERSPRO-MMD [Horizon2020] we were able to lend multiple tablets to patients that did not have access to smart devices.

¡stay safe!