Physical Activity

 When living with health problems, regular physical activity helps to retain day-to-day functioning by maintaining muscle and bone strength, and energy levels.

To overcome the challenges in regularly participating in physical activity and make it fun, our App will keep track of your exercise level every day at home /work /school, and while completing your favourite activities.

This ring shows how many calories/ kilojoules you’ve burned throughout the day. It takes into account everything from motion to heart rate data, but it represents your total movement in a 24-hour period, not just exercise. You work towards a calorie goal that you set.

By simply wearing a smartwatch with Google FIT or Apple Health, your physical activity level will automatically be recorded and uploaded onto to allow you and your healthcare team to monitor your day-to-day activities.

Individualised reminders will be sent directly to your smartphone and smartwatch to motivate you and help you reducing sedentary time.

Our App will empower you to meet your recommended daily level of physical activity, and assist the healthcare team to better support your needs.