Health management can be complex. Interactive Clinics aims to reduce this complexity by carefully tracking patient’s health day-by-day, enabling real-time monitoring of crucial diagnostic health indicators. Through our validated and award winning App (available on Apple Store and Google Play) we can help patients and clinicians manage different health requirements, such as: pain management, physical activities, medications adherence, blood glucose monitoring and different mental health outcomes

Interactive Clinics App and our latest telehealth service aims to improve the overall patient’s wellbeing by allowing the healthcare team to remotely monitor patient’s health from the comfort of their home, or while participating in day-to-day activities. Remote monitoring via our App and Telehealth allows to:

  • Gain timely health support and individualised care when needed it the most
  • Reduce the need to travel and wait to seek medical assistance at hospitals and health care centre.
  • Help to mitigate the spread of virus.

Clinical teams and GPs can also send individualised reminders to a patient’s smartphone or smartwatch to motivate you and help being more compliant to the prescribed clinical treatment. Data is then safely shared in real-time with treating clinicians and allied health teams via the corresponding InteractiveClinics website.